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-U (with a sound like "glue") see -UE
(You will usually find the sound you want under the usual spelling.)

A "U" can sometimes sound like "OO." You may want to check the O's, too. Once in a while, you'll find "U's" and "OO's" in the same place as in -OOT.

'FOOD AND WATER:' For himself, Bub would snub any tub. 

But he scrubs the cub "Chub," which Bub found (near a shrub), drubbed with a club.

And at his hub, the pub, he gets his Chub grub ... well, a sub.

-UBE see -OOB

-UCH and -UTCH
"You won't touch much! I've clutched my crutch."

-UCH (long sound) see -OOCH

-UCK and -UX
When I overeat, my deluxe tux is in flux. (Please, no yucks.)

-UD (see also -OOD)
In the storm's flood and mud, she yelled at Bud, "Hey, stud
- you, chewing cud - come, give some blood!"

'COVERED DISH PREFERRED:' I guess I'm a prude about nude food; but, for the crude dude, it sets a lewd mood.

 'LIABLE TO LIBEL:' "I smeared - I smudged sludge! -- on the name of that judge"

"Why? Because being nudged, he had fudged?"

"Nope -- just my grudge. He commands -- while, as a court drudge, I just trudge."

'A MYSTERY'S HISTORY:' The detectives, bemused, now rue their skewed views of the clues.

They never knew who slew (drew the knife through) poor "Pilot Hugh." 

First, they blamed Lou, "a shrew" - Hugh's friend (who grew to chew glue).

Then the screws were on Sue, who flew in his crew. (And, on cue, did woo a few with true brew.)

Today (in a stew) with their case overdue, they blame you! 

'ELIZABETHAN CHOLER:' Were the knights bluffed by Tough Stuff in a huff?
No. By Sir Walter's stiff neck, with his scruff in puffed fluff.   

'DOGGED:' Who slugged the thug that hugged my best mug? 

My son?  That smug lug, who just shrugged, looking snug?

No. It's my little pug, who bugged that thug.

You huge stooge! Under her rouge, there's subterfuge.

-UGH (long sound) - see -UE


-UK (see also -OOK)
I shucked the muck from my truck. Guess who clucked at the schmuck's bad luck?  (That hen better duck.)

 'UNWELCOME APPEARANCES:' In the Great Hall, I puked - just a fluke - when I saw the spook of the duke.

An aristocratic rebuke - just for my playing a uke. 

Gulch mulch

-ULE (see also -OOL)
Don't ridicule that mule in the vestibule.

'CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION:' Once I'd indulged - my bulge was divulged.

With all that bulk, Hulk, why sulk and skulk?

After the storm, the dull, numskull gull mulled over the  lull.

'NOSE RING:' I try not to pull - before the bull's full.

'ORANGE JUICED:' I gulp the pulp.

When repulsed, he'd convulse.

-UME (see also -OOM)
"Rheum-spume, I presume."

'BULLIES:' He used to bump you, jump you, and lump you. 

So let's dump that chump (now in a plump slump) with a thump on his rump in a clump of stumps.

-UNE (see also -OON)
I've hewn and pruned each June while I whistled a tune.

'EMBEDDED:' Drunk on junk, that hunk slunk. A punk, he sunk in his car trunk - that's his bunk.

My pup sups from a silver cup.

-UPE see -OOP

-UR and -URR (see also -ER)
"Then what made you spur -- and stir -- those burrs in my poor dog's

"That dog's a mere a cur, and his "grrr" makes your Persian cat purr.

Curb that verb, however superb - it might disturb or perturb.

'IN THE TREE TOPS:' I was doing research on our birch.  I don't spy  from my perch to besmirch.

I said he's "in church," not "the lurch."

'DOUR DETOUR:' With a splendid coiffeur and a manicure, she lured a caricature of a boor - with a brochure and this overture:

"I assure you this tour's your sure cure." (Of course, that was pure  manure.)

That surf touched the turf.

"Love" song?  That dirge would scourge and purge any surge in the urge to merge.

-URK see -IRK

-URN and -URNE
'BURNED STERN:' You're right -- I sound "burned."

Why not? Alongside each churn, fern, and urn - at each turn  -- I've  been spurned. (And you're wrong: it's unearned.)

"Even burnt, you weren't learnt."

'STOLEN NECTAR:' You (who usurp my sweet slurp) may chirp, but later you'll burp.

Terse verse can curse worse than a nurse in hearse.

About to burst - from her first thirst. 

'INNOCENCE ACCUSED:' I tried to flirt, but he was inert, if not curt,  and occupied with dessert.

Hurt, I did blurt out dirt on that squirt.


'BLASPHEMOUS:' You get no A plus for coming in mussed to cuss us on the bus.

You're less ludicrous than ridiculous.

Your brain? Analogous to the platypus.

-USE (see also  -OOZE)
'SILENT FILM STARS.' Disabused (and amused, though  accused), they used to refuse to make news.

'THE PURPLE:' Just having mushed through the slush, I was hushed by her regal plush, and, yes, my face flushed.

I didn't gush, or develop a crush, but, yes, I blushed.

When you husk at dusk, any tusk can seem brusque.

-UST (see also -US)
'NOT GAINFULLY EMPLOYED:' Going bust turned my trust to disgust. I  fussed and I cussed to see my last "job" -- combust into dust.

Can I adjust to a crust?  Fellow convicts - they say I must.

-UT (see also -OOT)
'IN A RUT:' You nut! You've shut up your mutt. You may glut
his gut, but, bored, he'll cut out and strut.

-UTE (see also -OOT) Your mute newt is cute.

-UTH see -OOTH

-UV see -OVE

There was a buzz in your fuzz, coz.


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