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Could "The People's Voice" inspire the TV-writer (or computer creativity) in some students?

Of course, you can read either the English or the Spanish version of  "The  People's Voice" on its own. But it might be more interesting for bi-lingual people and those learning English as a Second to compare the two.

Naturally, many  stories are translated from one language to the other. But this story is different.

It is a narrative in English that Herbert Morales transformed into a Spanish drama ("La Voz Del Pueblo"), broadcast to many countries by the Voice of America as No. 36 in the New Series of Short Stories by radio in August 1981. Although almost all the words appear in both languages, some students of English as a Second Language may find the variations of interest. It is an easy guide to the principles of  drama, a drama that may be adapted into other media.

John D. McCall
October 2005.

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