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A Fictional Rhyming Dictionary...    (Home)


-E (with a sound like "FREE") see -EE
(You will usually find the sound you want under the usual spelling.)
"E" can sometimes sound like "I." You may want to check the I's, too.

There will be no peace, you geese.  Not till you cease to fleece my niece (in Greece) on her lease.

-EACH and -EECH (see also -ICHE)
'SEASIDE MORALS:' "Teach each to preach. ... Your sermon did reach our bleached 'Beach Peach.'" 

"That is the 'Peach,' I had to beseech: 'Don't breach the beach peace  ... with your stereo screech.'"

Kliegs lit the Big Leagues.

Does wealth by stealth bring perfect health?

'TEAMING UP:' Each team must scream to "cream" the foe.

And, teams, steamed up, must gleam and glow.

(The press -- in reams -- deems that this dream is our mainstream  theme.)

-EAN and -EEN
'QUEEN OF DEMEAN:' We have a keen "dean of the screen."

He sees through the Scene Queen's sheen. (She's a teen - green-bean  lean.) 

He has gleaned that she preens with mean spleen.

-EAR and -EER
'CORDIALLY:' Fear a near spear from the rear; but here's a mere jeer.  So, clear a tear, with a cheer for the beer, dear King Lear.

The mutt that's flop-eared feared my weird beard.

-EARL see -IRL


'DISEASE AT HIS KNEES:' He's seized by a wheeze that these knees  squeeze to ease.     

Now, please no more cheese - he's got allergies. (Cheese will just  tease the breeze from his sneeze.)

-EAST and -EASED (also see -IEST)
For our rolls, he increased the yeast.

Also, our beast (which was fleeced in the East) was greased by the priest, a kitchen artiste --

- who performed other rites for the deceased.

-EAT and -EET
'SWEET MYSTERY:' In the street's sleet, we all meet. Then we go heat  our feet by our guru's seat. The Light's what we've come here to greet - with no self-deceit.

Besides, we eat his sweet treat. It's made of a wheat that cannot be  beat -- for the mystic elite.

'YOUTH HOSTEL, BY NIGHT:' From each neat sheet's pleat, a nose will bleat.

-EATH (see also -ETH)
'DOUR MOOR:' "Why the wreath? Why bequeath?" "There are teeth from beneath in that heath."

-EB and -EBB
The fly says: "This web - my low ebb."

'FLIGHT REACTION:' My bird only pecked a fleck off your neck - just a speck.

'CARD SHARK:'  I made the trek from Quebec just to check your marked deck. 

'SNOWSCAPE:' Arctic Ted, too often wed, was found dead. We had read of his worst dread -- a tread to the Fed - it's bars, bed, and bread.

So he sped  - and then fled in a sled ... but he looked back ... disquieted.

The bullet's lead went through Ted's head.  When his head began to shred, it shed deep, deep red ... and that spread.

'POLITIC STATEMENT:' "I pledge not to hedge!"-- since I'm wedged at the edge -- of election's ledge.

"Join our spree - it's all free (for a fee). Partake in the glee up the tree."

"There's a court decree -- on our loud spree! ... Did you see?" "Who me,  she, or 'thee'?" 

"Me. ... We three better flee."

"Could be."

'HIGH HORSE:' Lawyer Reed heeds his need to feed on greed. And that  creed seeds unjust deeds. It leads him to plead ... to indignantly plead for the needs of  poor "Race-Track Tweed."

That Tweed dopes up magnificent steeds.  So, his pedigreed breeds --  feeling freed - really speed. (From abuse, these steeds nobly bleed.)

"For my chief beef," says the lawyerly thief, "leaf through my brief."

'ACCUSER:' "I am the All-Seeing Hawk. (I need no 'leaks' from  sneak-peaks.)  I SEE the rough streak in your sleek, chic, unique clique, with those antique letters of Greek.

'ABUSER:' At the creek last week, when some freak tweaked Lou's cheek, she let out a bleak shriek. And away -- that geek streaked.

-EEL and -EAL
'NO THANKSGIVING TODAY:' You sealed that deal to steal our holiday meal.

You'll hang by your heels - when we reel up our wheel.

We'll haul you like veal - our rope, thick as eel.

Don't try an appeal with your genteel spiel. Better kneel with some zeal.

-EENG see -ING  ("-ing" is also a suffix for many words.)

-EEP and EAP
'WOOLGATHERING:' In my sleep, not too deep, sheep creep - and, then, leap. The gap is too wide and too steep (for sheep).

So I weep and I sweep -- but, being cheap, I keep -- and I market -
what's left of the sheep.


Though Jeff is a chef for UNICEF, the cooking judge gave him an "F."

We're bereft by the theft (a very deft heft). Nothing's left.

Thirsty Peg often begs by the kegs. (Not for eggs.)

'THE UNITER:' He stubbornly held that his weld could meld whatever would sell.

I was expelled when I rebelled. But I was impelled: his conceit was unparalleled.

-ELL and -ELLE
'BELLE OF RITES:' A  beautiful belle used to sell evil spells.  Some tell that she fell in a well.

But, accursed, she dwells in a cell - where she is compelled her true thoughts to yell. ... That curse is the "hell" of  freedom's death knell.

 Myself?  I'm an elf - with delf on the shelf for my pelf.

Who overwhelms the elms in our realm? (Not those at the helm?)

A whelp yelps: "Help!"

'PARENTAL ORTHOGRAPHY:' When I felt his welt from a pelt with my belt, I did melt and, then, knelt.   

(But, where I dwelt, that's how parents dealt  -- whenever "Celt" was misspelt.)

 'WINK TANK:' Making faces like elves, twelve delve in the shelves.

-EM (see also -IM)
'ENVIRONMENTAL ALERT:' "A-hem!  Stop that! Stop cutting those stems. ... To me, every plant is a gem."

That's a diadem of an apothem, but he was only serving pro tem, and his words to them suffered from phlegm.

I dreamt I could tempt - the unkempt weren't exempt.

-EN (see also -IN)
Then, can penmen (in a paneled den) comprehend the yen of  a wren in the glen?

-ENCH (see also -INCH)
'WORLD WAR I VET:' These days on my bench, it's a wrench to think of my trench, where I drenched to quench the stench.

(And sometimes I clench my French monkey wrench.)

'LIQUIDITY:' I lend to a friend my dividend - which he spends on each new trend.

When I superintend and comprehend on what the cash I extend may depend, I go "round the bend."

I squawk - but, then ... a good blend makes amends in the end.

'ENTER NET:' Says the spider: "I don't practice revenge: let my website avenge."

With levers, length brings strength.

'TERRORIZED:' I am dense with no sense. Why? Even with my new fence, I'm still tense.

Its circumference does not dispense an experience ... of somnolence. I  can't sleep in immense suspense.

-ENT (see also -INT)
'ILL-DISPOSED:' I sent for the tent I had lent to an  affluent gent.

I went - and I bent - to inspect its vent. 

My lament? He has lent, to my vent, a scent ... that's impertinent.

 "There's pep in my step," claims our old rep.

Except when she slept, Cinderella wept, crept, and kept the step swept.

-ER (see also -UR)
'CLASS SYSTEM:' "Sir, I'm a laborer, not a 'punisher' or a 'Lucifer.'"


Still undeterred, you absurd nerd?

-ERF see -URF


-ERK see -IRK

-ERL see -IRL

-ERM see -IRM

-ERN see -URN

-ERSE and -EARSE see -URSE

The curve of her serve swerved with verve.

-ERT see -URT

'THRESHED OUT:' Out in the fields, my flesh was threshed. Then, said the thresher, "I'll mesh you afresh."

NOT MUCH OBLIGED:' Yes, the largess of the baroness, as a sign of noblesse, was a social success. 

Nevertheless, it suggests political chess - and for unions an SOS.

'ASTUTE PURSUIT:' Go on a quest ... blessed with zest.

Make it a  test  -- for the best jest.

Yes, an incandesced fest, effervesced - it's addressed to the stressed  and oppressed.

So your nest warms the breast of each guest (even the pest, obsessed
... with a family crest).

(Then you may have transgressed no more than the rest.)

'LIFE -- ENRICHED:' The jet set has met ... at the threat of their own net debt.

But when will the jet set's pet ... get wet from his sweat? (On that,  millions were bet.)

 'ART DIRECTOR:' "Don't etch, you wretch, while I fetch your sketch. Here ... ketch. That's it -- stretch."

-ETH AND -EATH (short sound)
Saith Macbeth: "Death hath bad breath."

-EUR - see -URE

-EVE and -EEV
'EVE IN THE FALL:' Thieves (on that eve) heave more than leaves.

So folks get peeved and aggrieved by what they believe can't be  retrieved.

-EWE see -UE

-EWT see -UTE

His flex can vex my Tex-Mex "ex."

The book-burner asks, "Next text?"


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