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Faking & Sincerity

Always an up-to-date mentor, Franklin’s insights fit right into the soundbites you see here. But why stop here? For a Niagara of wit and understanding in the wonderful words from Ben's own works, get to a search engine and try: Franklin + “Poor Richard.” You might add “1758” -- or just click here. The 1758 preface features some favorite sayings. ( Oh, parents, those "Poor Richard's" websites can get raucous.)
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Faking & Sincerity
A man is never so ridiculous by those Qualities that are his own than those he affects to have. [1735]“Put on” frilly?
Turn off, silly.
Squirrel-like she covers her back with her tail. [1738]Kingpins?
Spin wins.
What you would seem to be, be really. [1744]Better be,
What eyes see.
Craft must be at charge for
clothes -- but Truth can go
naked. [1747]
Truth sleeps nude,
Fake's a prude.
Don't judge of Men's Wealth,
or Piety, by their Sunday
Appearances. [1751]
Never measure pious views
With a census of the pews.
Mankind are very odd
One Half censure what they
practise, the other half
practise what they censure;
the rest always say and do
as they ought. [1752]
Who would do
What they boo?
No, not you.
Sincerity: Use no hurtful deceit. Think innocently and justly;
and, if you speak, speak
accordingly. [Virtue 7]
Delete mean lies:
From thoughts, words, sighs.

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