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About This Website

What a world this would be if we could listen to Ben!

And, clearly, Franklin’s own inimitable words are the ideal source. His wisdom and wit selected or fashioned and transmitted enduring sayings.  So why this website? To serve Franklin up in a new way to people who would not otherwise get acquainted with him.

Some visitors might not be content with reading Franklin. Grade school class members already have been “translating” Ben – with delightful results, typically in lively prose.

This website also now includes 'Ben Franklin - Gimme a Break', three puzzles which invite you to choose the correct modern jingles to go with Ben Franklin quotes. It's aimed at the classroom, and includes a PDF version to download and print.

I have referred visitors to “Poor Richard” via search engine instead of instead of noting prominently a specific website. I did that since any website might some day disappear while this website was chugging away on automatic pilot. Even so, a page of Links is included, along with a method of keeping up with the new websites as they come up over the years.

If you'd like to contact me in connection with this project, you can email me via my contact form.

I have had a great deal of help getting to this website. I would like to thank at least some who have helped me, in addition to my wife
Marjorie (pictured left), who has stood by me through countless versions of the text, with insight and discernment.  


I would like to thank all the friends who have helped me during the many revisions of my work. I do know who has helped me most: Professor Morton Y. Jacobs. He has gone through those versions with me. And kept making them better. Polly Gordon shared her admirable strategic gifts on this project as she has on so many others. I also want to credit the expertise and encouragement of Dorothy Poehlman, now deceased, and Neil Tillman. Another friend – and good writer – Carol Manka helped me with a closely related project.

I thank the artist Rayner Burrows for creating the graphics. His wife Helaine also made helpful suggestions.

Leading Franklin scholars were kind enough to help the project. Leo Lemay rescued it from copyright entanglements.
Paul Zall shared his experience. Jim Giblin encouraged the project.  So did Ned Sherrin, the British humorist. Without my poetry professor, Shirley Cochrane, there might not have been a project. Without the others, it might not have got this far.

Web Designer
I want to thank Paul Stephens for designing the site. This involved INFINITE patience with my low-tech mind.

John McCall

Some Rights Reserved

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
(In other words, please feel free to quote any part of this website at any length,
attributing the quote to John D. McCall, preferably with a reference to the website)
Rev 2010-1.