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Education - Faith

Always an up-to-date mentor, Franklin’s insights fit right into the soundbites you see here. But why stop here? For a Niagara of wit and understanding in the wonderful words from Ben's own works, get to a search engine and try: Franklin + “Poor Richard.” You might add “1758” -- or just click here. The 1758 preface features some favorite sayings. ( Oh, parents, those "Poor Richard's" websites can get raucous.)
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What's Ben What's Verse
Of learned Fools I have seen ten times ten, Of unlearned wise men I have seen a hundred. [1735]Not all PHD's
Learn life's ABC's.
Reading makes a full Man, Meditation a profound Man, discourse a clear Man. [1738]Reading is feeding,
Thinking is
… linking.
Read much, but not many Books. [1738]Re-reads insights
(Clicks on new lights).
The ancients tell us what is best; but we must learn of the moderns what is fittest. [1738]From ancients, the Rays,
From moderns, the ways.
Genius without Education is
like Silver in the Mine. [1750]
Mind untaught?
Unmined thought.
Proud Modern Learning despises the antient: School-men are now laughed at by School-boys. [1758]New revision-ism:
Collision - then schism.
Faith & Possessions
How many observe Christ’s Birth-day! How few, his Precepts! O! ‘tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments. [1743]Set up evergreen joys
Above breakable toys.
If your Riches are yours,
why don't you take them
with you to t'other World? [1751]
All's mine in perpetuity
(Morgue, forward my annuity).
If worldly Goods cannot save me from Death, they ought not to hinder me of eternal life. [1751]Wired home’s modernity Secures eternity?

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