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Health - History

Always an up-to-date mentor, Franklin’s insights fit right into the soundbites you see here. But why stop here? For a Niagara of wit and understanding in the wonderful words from Ben's own works, get to a search engine and try: Franklin + “Poor Richard.” You might add “1758” -- or just click here. The 1758 preface features some favorite sayings. ( Oh, parents, those "Poor Richard's" websites can get raucous.)
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If thou wouldst live long, live well; for Folly and Wickness shorten Life. [1739]Moral ambiguity
Shortens the annuity.
We are not so sensible of the greatest Health as of the least Sickness. [1747]Rosy health
Blooms in stealth.
Much Virtue in Herbs, little in Men. [1755]Trust herbs,
Not blurbs.
Historians relate, not so much what is done, as what they would have believed. [1739]Historians sway
The battles their way.
Neither praise nor dispraise, till seven Christmasses be over. [1740]Grade op-ed page
That’s … grade-school age.
Happy that nation, fortunate that age, when history is not diverting. [1740]"Interesting times"
Tick off the enzymes.

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