by John McCall


Ben Franklin,
Gimme a Break

Puzzles based on Ben and Verse

Five Choice Puzzle

This puzzle was designed for a span of grade levels. Mark the letter for the jingle – good or bad -- that comes closest to the meaning of the quotation (from 5 possibilities).


1. Ben Franklin said, “Half-hospitality opens his doors and shuts up his countenance (stony faced).”
a. China’s thin, don’t butt in.
b. Come to stay – every day?
c. Crude dude snubs rude.
d. Featherhead guest nicely fouls nest.
e. Snob’s warm invitation to refrigeration.


2. Ben Franklin said, “Idleness is the greatest prodigality (wasteful expense).”
a. Labor’s grim? Who needs gym?
b. Bought spread, begs bread.
c. You’re fueled by zeal? Sense, mind the wheel.
d. Mental P.T. cures atrophy.
e. Watched … clock … in hock.


3. Ben Franklin said, “Declaiming against pride is not always a sign of humility.”
a. Big heads bowed … for the crowd.
b. “Down with elites!” (Quick grab their seats.)
c. I share your ache – pass more cake.
d. Such eloquence! (Should it make sense?)
e. Hang on luck? Hanged when stuck.


4. Ben Franklin said, “Love your neighbor, but don’t pull down your hedge.”
a. Care for all … and your wall.
b. “Don’t let slide what I can’t hide.”
c. Closed tureens spill no beans.
d. Hi-tech … clicking hackers? Just mousey safecrackers.
e. You’re “open wide” – your secrets pried.


5. Ben Franklin said, “Cunning proceeds from want of capacity.”
a. Better be what eyes see.
b. Judged crafty? Jail’s drafty.
c. Those unable tilt the table.
d. Trust herbs, not blurbs.
e. Delete mean lies from thoughts, words, sighs.

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