by John McCall


Ben Franklin,
Gimme a Break

Puzzles based on Ben and Verse

Four Choice Puzzle

This puzzle was designed for a span of grade levels. Mark the letter for the jingle – good or bad -- that comes closest to the meaning of the quotation (from 4 possibilities).


1. Ben Franklin said, “The wise man takes more advantage from his enemies than a fool from his friends.”
a. Get beat at chess? Learn foe’s finesse (cleverness).
b. Swap friend for foe; lend either dough.
c. Tongue fixes, fist nixes
d. A weather-wise friend will stick – to the wind.


2. Ben Franklin said, “As pride increases, fortune declines.”
a. Ego feeds on luck’s seeds.
b. For luck’s fizz, stick to biz.
c. Bird brain’s crow all they know.
d. Your head’s not sized to be advised.


3. Ben Franklin said, “A man is never so ridiculous by those qualities he has as those he affects (pretends) to possess.”
a. Another’s nicked, from that predict.
b. Clean toe to shirt – treat dirt like dirt.
c Boomerang? Can defang.
d. Put on frilly? Turn off, silly.


4. Ben Franklin said, “Employ thy time well if thou meanest to gain leisure.”
a. Joy sniffs greed, won’t crossbreed.
b. Grind done, perked fun.
c. Snail, slow times flow.
d. Time’s pills cure ills.


5. Ben Franklin said, “Fear to do ill and you’ll … never need nought else (you need never fear anything else).”
a. Duty’s resolve must not dissolve.
b. Install one alarm (against doing harm).
c. Prone to purr, fear no cur.
d. Time’s pills cure ills.

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