How to get Ben and Verse of the Day for your website.


Ben and Verse is a unique collection of over 200 quotations from the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, each paired with a verse by John D McCall expressing the same sentiment in modern terms. Every day we pick an item from the collection to be our Ben and Verse of the Day - and you can display it free on your website.

To display Ben and Verse of the Day on your site, please read the terms and conditions below first, then add this HTML to your page:

(Technical note: The height of the content will vary depending on the number of lines in each day's quotation and verse. 300 pixels should accommodate the longest entry, but you may wish to set a shorter height for the iframe and allow scrollbars to appear automatically when necessary).

Terms and conditions:

1. Ben and Verse of the Day is provided free on a stricly 'as is' basis. We cannot guarantee that the page will always be available, or that it will always change daily. We reserve the right to withdraw the service at any time. Pages are scheduled to change at approximately 00:05 EST each day.

2. You use Ben and Verse of the Day entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any loss or damage, however caused, resulting from the use of this software.

3. Suitability of content. All items are taken from the Ben and Verse collection, viewable at Ben and Verse is an educational resource aimed at students of all ages, and has an "A+ Site" rating from It does not contain any indecent language or explicit sexual references. Please note, however, that topics covered include marriage, divorce, debt and religion. Before adding Ben and Verse of the Day to your website please view the whole collection to satisfy yourself that the content is suitable for your site. Please note also that new verses are added from time to time.

4. Adding Ben and Verse of the Day to your website indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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